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Basic Ribbon, Novelty Ribbon and Vintage Ribbon and Trim Collection by Hyman Hendler & Sons

Hyman Hendler Ribbons and Trims
Hyman Hendler & Sons specializes in basic ribbon, novelty ribbon and vintage ribbons and trims, of their own design. Our ribbon collection includes: fabulous french vintage ribbons, grosgrain, velvet, satin, novelty and wire edge ribbons and trim. All of our products come in a wider range of patterns and colors.  Our motto has always been, “Just Beautiful Ribbons.”  What truly makes Hendler's a special place, is that there is something for everyone, from the individual craft person to interior decoration and the world’s top ready to wear designers.  This is proof positive that there is something for everyone at Hendler's.

Whether you are looking to accent a dress, or a hat, braid your daughter’s hair, wrap gifts, dress up a floral arrangement, plan a wedding, decorate your home, trim your Christmas tree, design a line of clothing, or costume a theatre or movie production – you will find it at Hendler's.

Please note that colors may vary from the way they appear on your screen. We would be happy to assist you in whatever you are trying to match. Please send us a swatch and we will send you a sample for your approval.

All Returns Must Be Made Within
10 Days At A Re-Stocking Charge
Of 25% Of The Order. All Ribbons
That Are Cut Are Final Sale.

Please be patient as we are constantly at work updating our site. Please be sure to check back frequently to find even more "Beautiful Ribbons"!

To Our Special Customers:
We have in our stock approximately 125 boxes of assorted colors of the finest German 36" Cotton Velvet fabric,  from the mills of DeBall, also known as Niedieck and Scheibler.
Best offer for the entire stock.
Please contact us if you have an interest in this product.

Of note, we have the largest availability worldwide of Vintage Taffeta Back Black“RAYON” Velvet Ribbon, loomed in France, Italy and Switzerland all of which are available for immediate delivery.

Patterns: Twilight Satin Back Rayon Velvet Ribbon (In Colors and Widths)
Bouffante/CameoTaffetta Back Rayon Velvet Ribbon (In Colors and Widths)
We also have a large inventory of “NYLON” Velvet Ribbon
Patterns: Renaissance-Satin Back Nylon Velvet Ribbon(In Colors and Widths- Please call for availabilty)
Renaissance II- Taffetta Back Nylon Velvet Ribbon (In Colors and Widths)
Note: Most colors are available for immediate delivery.
Colors can be dyed to match. Minimum quantities are required.