Basic, Vintage and Novelty Ribbon and Trim Collection

Our Vintage Novelties Ribbon Collection, consist of Jacquards, Brocades, Florals, and Stripes in combinations of Satin and Grosgrain, Satin-Grosgrain-Moiré, Satin and Velvetstripes and plaids, with plain or scalloped edges.

We have designed and had loomed for us, Ribbons and Trims, by some of the most renowned, respected and sought after mills in France, Italy and Switzerland, many of whom are no longer in business. At Hyman Hendler & Sons, you can find a very large selection of many different kinds of Ribbons, in Natural Fibers, such as, Cotton, Rayon, Silk, Linen, and Wool, from your most Basic Ribbons, such as, Grosgrain, Grosgrain Moire, Satin, Picot Taffeta, Velvet in Taffeta and Satin back. Our Basic Ribbons are available in a wide variety of widths and colors.

The Hyman Hendler Story

Hyman Hendler immigrated to the United States from Russia. In 1900, he began selling millinery and ribbon from a pushcart in the melting pot of New York City, an area referred to as “the Lower East Side.” Hyman Hendler & Sons was established. Hyman married Sadie and eventually had their four children, Aaron, Harold, Gertrude and Norman who later joined the family business.

Eventually, the business moved to a loft in lower Manhattan and finally arrived at 67 West 38th Street, where we were for over 80 years, and now we are at our new location, in the heart of the millinery and garment center of New York, at 21 West 38th Street. Over one hundred years and three generations later, Hyman Hendler & Sons is providing the public with the world’s most unique and beautiful ribbons and trims.

Today, Michael Weisman continues Hendler’s long tradition of providing their customers with the finest quality ribbons and trims, as well as, personal service from a knowledgeable and creative staff. That is why Hendler’s is such a special place to shop.

Even Martha Stewart has called Hendler's “One of her favorite places to shop” and “if you can’t find it at Hendler’s, it just doesn't exist.” See our video featuring Martha Stewart admiring our ribbons. (Our Video)

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